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Linda M Arena


Linda Arena is curious by nature and even though she has lost her ability to read paragraphs, it only takes a sentence in an audio book or an overheard discussion on a new topic to send her scurrying to find out everything she can on the subject. She’s had many passions, such as; Merlin’s magic, the existence of dragons, UFO’s, and at the top of the list, ghosts. So when the Crystals Skulls existence crossed her path, she was like a hound with a new bone.

"I ended up studying Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics, parallel universes and the writings of Plato and his illusive Atlantis which lead me to Lemurian lore and the mystery of Mt. Shasta." says Arena, "What was startling to me, is that my research gave me some answers as to why we exist here and now. So take a journey with me and you just might find a bit of your own truth."


Media - Interview

Author’s Tranquility Press has helped many great writers in that light by exposing their works to a greater audience, and now it is doing so once more for this fantastic book which deserves to be read.

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TV Interview

Linda Arena talks about her book, an absolutely good read, entitled “Guardians of the Crystal Skulls: The Thirteenth Order.”

Podcast Interview

Linda Arena shares with us how she came up with a page turner entitled “Guardians of the Crystal Skulls: The Thirteenth Order.”

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