The Thirteenth Order II: Darius Planet of Creation


The Thirteenth Order II: Darius Planet of Creation

For millennia, the Guardians have carefully watched over and guided the evolution of all species throughout the universe, including Earth humans.


The Thirteenth Order II:
Darius Planet of Creation

Creating The Thirteenth Order is essential to insure that creation continues in the rapidly expanding universe.

With Earth’s axis shift corrected and humanity saved, Midas and the Guardians have only two items left to do before their final ascension. Find Prometheus and make peace between them and bring in The Thirteenth Order.

However, the enraged Prometheus has other plans for Midas, Gideon, Hermes and Rhea. He lures them to the sacred mountain on Darius where he, along with his army of Mat’uk, trapped them inside the mountain using a gravity net. The instant the Mat’uk breach the entrance of the mountain, Midas’ alarm sounds. He and the other Guardians attempt to enter the fifth dimension and cannot. Realizing they were trapped and visible, Midas dispatches the Mother ship and the seedling, Rosie to Earth to bring back Rachael and her friends to save them, much to the dismay of Rhea. She pleads with Midas not to bring the human’s to Darius as the planet will tap into their ancient DNA code and change them back to their original form.

Rachael and her friends upon hearing Rosie’s pleas to help save the Guardians ultimately agree to go to Darius even though Darius is halfway across the universe and they have no idea what fate awaits them.


The Thirteenth Order II: Darius-Planet of Creation by Linda Arena
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The revengeful Prometheus trapped the Guardians, with a gravity net, in a mountain on Darius. His plot is to kill them all so he can bring in the Thirteenth Order himself and declare himself the new king. Midas had a split second to send Rosie to get the humans, Lane and Rachael, along with others, in hopes they will come to save them.

Author’s Tranquility Press LLC has helped many great writers in that light by exposing their works to a greater audience, and now it is doing so once more for this amazing book which deserves to be read. “The Thirteenth Order II: Darius-Planet of Creation” was published on November 22, 2022, and is currently available for purchase on Amazon.


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